Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim

Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim

Enjoy the timeless wisdom of Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim! Dr. Norma has lectured at Asilomar and throughout the world. Her master classes are much sought after and she is a strict taskmaster.

Her third book Ministy Of Light based on her online Divine Journal will be released in the Spring of 2014.

She expects the best from her students and her expectations are met. Dr. Norma's students have gone on to do amazing things.

Dr. Norma is known for bringing Religous Science to Africa and then bringing her insights from Africa to the World via the internet.

Rev. Peggy Kenner

Rev. Peggy Kenner

Explore Christian New Thought with Powerful Progressive New Thought Professor Rev. Peggy Kenner. Professor Kenner learned New Thought through the powerful teachings of Rev. Johnnie Colemon while in Chicago. She has worked as a clinical psychologist and as a parent to lovely children who are now professionals in their own right.

Rev. Dr. Steve Walling

Rev. Dr. Steve Walling

Explore Science of Mind with Rev. Dr. Steve Walling. Dr. Walling has explored the depths of the ocean and the breadth of Science of Mind. He is often seen hiking in the area of Yosemite with his amazing and lovely wife Maureen who is both the choir master and eco-liaison. It is rare to find him without his leather edition of Ernest Holmes Science of Mind.

Rev. Dr. Walling is working on his first book: Spiritually Aware, all Year Long, based on his online DivineJournal which is increasingly popular.

Rev. Joanne McFadden

Rev. Joanne McFadden

Rev. Joanne McFadden grew up in Science of Mind. Her father worked with Ernest Holmes and she was naturally so inundated with the teaching, she was surprised to discover in college that wasn't the main spiritual path for everyone. After all, it is the most logical choice.

Rev. Donna Willians

Rev. Donna Williams

Delve into the gospels under the erudite guidance of Rev. Donna Williams. Rev. Donna has earned multiple degrees from Business to Human Resources and is a candidate for a Phd from University of Sedona as well as a Phd in New Thought History through the New Thought Library's education program.

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There are New Thought Centers around the globe.

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We Are One

When coming to a New Thought Center, you will find:

  • warm and welcoming people;
  • a participative Sunday Seminar;
  • a sacred space for prayer;
  • support for you wherever you are on your spiritual path;
  • inspiring messages;
  • Spiritual Directors who listen;
  • high-quality, contemporary, high-energy music ministry;
  • children are welcomed;
  • a variety of fun, engaging classes, workshops and activities;
  • a center that is constantly evolving, learning and transforming as you evolve, in a loving process in a compassionate community.


Serving New Thought is not affiliated with United or International Centers for Spiritual Living, or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all Centers for Spiritual Living regardless of their affiliation or independence.
We serve all Science of Mind & Religious Science Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.
Serving New Thought provides support to all New Thought Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.

The Gospels

The Gospels

Metaphysics / New Thought Classes:

New Thought Teachers

Through the pioneering work of Professor Peggy with the support of Serving New Thought, there is a growing number of Universal New Thought Teachers certified to teach some or all of the above classes online.

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Personal Empowerment

Our vision is to create an effective empowering celebration that embraces your Holy Spirit and thereby demonstrates
the truth of your divine potential through the love of God. As we recognize Spirit as the essence of our being, we deepen our relationship with God by way of our individual and collective spiritual practice. When we are anchored by wisdom teachings and the grace of Great Spirit, we step into our own greatness, where all of life's goodness is available to us right here and right NOW.


New Thought means just that: "New", fresh, vibrant. The late 20th Century saw an intense focus on "Prosperity teachings" and the "Law of Attraction." Today New Thought appears to be in a rennaissance as it moves into the revelation of higher truths such as Human Rights and the importance of shared success.

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New Thought Library is the world's oldest and best public New Thought Library

New Thought Library is the world's oldest and best public New Thought Library


Hot links to great New Thought books for the Bible Seeker or Sharer:

Thomas Troward's:
~Bible Mystery & Meaning
~Comments On the Psalms

Jane Yarnall's
~Practical Healing for Mind and Body
~The Good Time Coming

Ernest Holmes'
The Bible in the Light
Philosophy of Jesus

Henry Drummond's
The Greatest Thing in the World

Learn more about the History of the Way

The History of Christianity

A growing network of caring prayer practitoners to support you in times of need.

A growing network of caring New Thought prayer practitoners to support you in times of need.


The Gospels are a wonderful font of metaphysical wisdom!

New Thought has been around since the beginning of humanity. But that doesn't mean that it was always called "New Thought". With the understanding of Spiral Dynamics and the science of Mimetics, we can understand the memes or ideas which have brought about the most recent manifestation of what we call New Thought.

New Thought History

Whether you want to support seekers through the New Thought Library system, or report on New Thought Events occuring around the globe.

There is a growing set of tools to sort your life with love. All in an environment in which it is your accomplishments that are recognized.

Featured New Thought Media:

hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece" Divine Tao is a must for the Seeker or Sharer

hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece" Divine Tao is a must for the Seeker or Sharer


New Thought - New Thought Streams provides wonderful audio downloads of New Thought Books and Talks for free!

Life is Continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.


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There are Seven Keys to Heaven here on earth, discover them today!

There are Seven Keys to Heaven here on earth, discover them today!


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