Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Course Description:

What is the Gospel of Mary?

  • Why did/do the Romans demonize Mary?
  • Why did the Gospel of Mary shock people like Paul?

World New Thought

These are but a few of the concepts that you will learn.

Books Needed for this course:

  1. Wisdom for a Lifetime by Alden Studebaker or Understanding the Bible (Printed by JCTS).

The Maestra for these courses is Professor E. Peggy Kenner

Details for this master class:

Professor:  E. Peggy Kenner
Class Day & Time:  Tuesdays, 3pm PT (Pacific Time)
Place: Online Skype 
Telephone: (702) 804-8189
Required Course 3 credits
Class duration: Until completion

Course Description:   An in-depth study of the basic principles espoused by the Universal Foundation for Better Living Inc. (UFBL), as taught through the Johnnie Colemon Institute.   

This course provides students with an overview of the History of New Thought from a philosophical, theological, psychological and practical point of view.

What Is New Thought Christianity?

We will examine Metaphysical interpretations, aspects of God, Jesus who became the Christ, and how New Thought practitioners use prayer, Worship, Denial and affirmations to find Balance in life, the world and their affairs.  

Our studies will include, but are not limited to the origin and history of the New Thought Movement. Answering questions such as what is: evil, hell, Satan, life and death, just to name a few of the concepts that we will explore and discuss.

We will also explore the five basic principles that are taught under the auspices of the Johnnie Colemon Institute. As well as the beliefs espoused by the UFBL. 

Prerequisite:  None.  This is a 11-12 week class.  If you have a conflict and cannot attend classes, please call your instructor for makeup and/or information that may have been provided for students.  Students are expected to read the assignments prior to class.

Course Objectives:

  • To study spiritual principles that provide for a more healthy and prosperous life style.
  • To understand New Thought Ideology, through recognition, realization and the manifestations of who and what we are in relationship to God.
  • To explore our Christian faith from an expression of philosophical idealism and trace the history of how our non-denominational religion evolved.
  • To examine how our organization started, and where our roots come from.
  • To examine how we interpret life’s changes and the origin from which we embrace our knowledge and thinking.

Required and supplemental Texts:

  • Alternatives by William L. Fischer (Required)
  • The New Thought Christian by William A. Warch (Required)
  • The Holy Bible (NRSV) or (Open)
  • The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore (optional)
  • An Introduction to New Thought by William Hinckley (Optional)
  • New Thought Religion by Martin A. Larson (Supplemental and Optional)
  • Spirits in Rebellion by Braden (Supplemental and Optional)
  • Basic New Thought History

Other Required Materials:

  • Notebook
  • Journal to keep up with day to day progress

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes.  No more then two (2) excused absences are allowed.  If students miss a class, they should see the assignment and make up the class on their own time. 

Assessment of Assignment: All papers are to be typed using standard English.  Emphasis will be placed on correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Grading:  No letter grade will be given. Upon completion of this class, you will receive a pass, fail or incomplete.  Comments will be given on all papers in order for students to see their progress.
Students may receive 3 three credits for successful completion of this class. 

 Note:  This is a 11-12 week class but it is possible to double the class time to complete this class in a shorter period of time if students so desires.  Class consensus is required for such an endeavor to take place.  Tentatively this class will run from the third week in September until December.

Our Opening Prayer:  (Together)  "Jesus is the head of this class, We open our hearts and minds to his instructions and guidance, for he is our guide to better living."

WHAT  WE  BELIEVE:  "We believe with Jesus that the basis for Right Thinking is Love, Love of God and all that is good in our fellowmen and ourselves.  We believe in God, We believe in Jesus The Christ, We believe in the Holy Spirit—And So It is!"

DAILY INSPIRATION: Reading of the DI or Word for the day.

CLOSING PRAYER AFTER EACH CLASS OR MEETING:    "The Prayer of Protection:  The Light of God Surrounds Us; The Love of God Enfolds Us; The Power of God Protects Us,  The Presence of God Watches over us; Where ever we are, God is, And So it is.  Amen."

Week 1:  September 18, 2012

Introduction and Course Overview:

Read and establish levels of understanding  for  each student.

Assignment (1) homework assignment

Read the article: Basic New Thought History. After reading the history, write one paragraph on your first impressions.  That is, what do you believe was the original intentions of Quimby and others as it relates to churches?

Writing Sample and Examples

What Is New Thought
New Thought is a system of thinking that virtually everyone is familiar with; they just don’t know it.  Numerous authors and speakers, even composers and movie producers use New Thought in their works; they just don’t call it by that name.  To put it simply, New Thought is about right thinking, thinking that leads to positive results—to health, wealth, peace, and happiness.  But while right thinking is the hallmark, there is much more to New Thought than that.  New thought is a lifestyle, a metaphysic and a religion.  

          A 1916 International New Thought Alliance Bulletin defines the New Thought system as one that practices what Jesus taught: healing, unity, cooperation, seeing the good in others, and trusting God for all our needs.  New Thought is also “a positive, constructive philosophy of optimism, the recognition, realization and manifestation of God in Man” (qtd. In Braden).

          Ernest Homes, founder of Religious Science, the newest and second largest of the main New Thought groups, defines New Thought as “A system of thought which affirms the unity of God with man, the perfection of all life, and the immortality and eternality of the individual soul forever expanding. (New Thought Terms). 

          From these passages it can been seen that New Thought accepts the concept of God in nature and God in humanity.  Thus, there is a unity of all things.  God relates to us through our minds.  God is universal in scope and application; that is, God is everywhere and operates upon the world by use of all-encompassing law.  This concept of law is of utmost importance to New Thought and is discussed further in later chapters. However, in starting the concept of New Thought it was never started as a church movement. 

Week 2 & 3:
Assignment (2) Readings and assignments from the book :  New Thought Christian.
Read Introduction:1-3, What is God? (5-11) Where Us the Christ? (13-21).

Assignment: (3)   :
Next, read in the book: Alternatives, New Approaches to Traditional Christian Beliefs:   Read the Foreword P.5, God P.9-12, Read Jesus Christ: P,15-18 Supplemental Materials to assist Students in 1st two weeks of classes

Objective:  Upon completion of the 1st assigned chapter, students should be able to articulate the following assignment as a class exercise.

Explain in detail, What is God?  Who is God?  What are the Different aspects of God and different names given to God, and how do we express God?  

God“God is Spirit, and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” We do not see God with our physical eyes excepting as He manifests Himself through His works.  His attributes are therefore brought into expression by man who is His son and who is like Him in essence.  Jesus was a true expression of God because He was like Him.  If we would manifest the divine attributes, we must seek to attain the consciousness and the understanding that characterized Jesus.  We must endeavor to raise our thoughts and feelings to God’s level if we would make ourselves channels through which God can come forth into expression and manifestation.

          God transcendent suggests God as above and beyond His creation.  This idea of God as remote from the practical affairs of man or from man’s own experience is false.  God (perfection) is not out of reach of His offspring nor something beyond or above them.  Tennyson tells us that “closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.”

          I am centered in God because I focus my attention on His ideas and ideals.  The  Holy Spirit, which is the Word of God in action, leads me into a consciousness of my divine son-ship and inheritance.  My inheritance from Him is executive ability, abundant supply, faithfulness, joy, all good. “I am thy portion and thine inheritance.”

          In the name of Jesus Christ I declare: “ God’s perfect plan of bodily perfection is bearing fruit, and I am made whole.”

Information from: Charles Fillmore, Keep a True Lent , p143-144
Assignment (4)
Week 4 & 5:  :  Continued reading assignments from
New Thought Christian.  Read Who Are You? P. 23-29, How To Use Thought:   P. 31-37.

Assignment (5) :  Read the Book Alternatives: Humankind, P.  21-24

Assignment (6)
Week 6 & 7:  :Read New Thought Christian P. 39-46, Where Do You Find Balance? P. 47-53. 

Assignment (7) :  Read Alternatives:  Prayer p. 27-30, Worship p. 33-36, Baptism 39-42
and Communion:  P. 45-48.

No classes next week it’s Rev. Peggy’s 10 Anniversary at Oasis Rising Ministries and her Birthday.  She will be on vacation from November 4th, her birthday until November 11, 2012,
 her Anniversary for her church.  Classes will resume on Tuesday
 two days before Thanksgiving.

Assignment (8)
: New Thought:  Who Believes
In Evil? P. 55-61, How To Form Denials And Affirmations:  P. 63-70. 

Assignment (9)
Read Alternatives: Heaven P. 51-54, Hell P.57-60, Satan P. 63-67, Sin P. 71-74.


Weeks 10 & 11 - :
Assignment (10)
Read  New Thought,  What Is Metaphysics P. 71-78, P.79-85. Who Believes In Reincarnation?

Assignment (11)  Other reading materials:  Go to web site and read the
following:  Universal Foundation for Better Living (3 pages), New Thought (5 pages)  Unity Church,   (7 pages).  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  http://en.wikipedia,org/wiki  click, Unity, Universal Foundation for Better
Living and New Thought.
Read Alternatives:  P. 77-80, Life after Death, Conclusions 83-83.  Student will
not be given credit for this class until this assignment is completed. 

 ( End of Classes)  Recess until after the New Year.  Classes for new semester will begin
After January 1.  Watch on line for next class.  

Extra Notes For Class:  (Please read the extra Notes attached for class).
There is a Final Written Assignment:  Two Paragraphs:  On any of the extra
concepts and how you might use one of these ideas in your own ministry.  First
Identify your Ministry, then explain how you will use any one idea that you have learned from this class, for example:  Metaphysics, Affirmations or Denials, or
How to use Thought or New Thought.  You may use any idea and this exercise
should not be more than two pages. 

So What Is Metaphysics.  The early New thought writers used the term metaphysical to
describe their new philosophy of spiritual healing.  Metaphysics is a division of philosophy comprising ontology, cosmology, and epistemology and is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being. 
Ontology:  Is the study of the nature of being (existence);
Cosmology: Is the study of the nature of the universe;
Epistemology: is the study of the nature and the grounds of knowledge
The science of existence equates the principles of metaphysics with the permanent laws of the universe.  Quotes from Aristotle in support states: “Metaphysics is the science of the first principle of Being, the science of the first principle of knowledge and the science of the beginning and the end of all things—the absolute unity of Being and Thought.  Metaphysics is mathematical, therefore, exact; knowledge of its principles is necessarily scientific understanding.  Mathematics, also, is metaphysics and underlies all real law in the universe.

         Metaphysical teaching can be found in every culture form the beginning of recorded history.  Most of the major philosophers over time have written about metaphysics, and metaphysics has made its way into psychology by way of Carl Jung.  All the major religions of the West have mystical branches that are based on metaphysical principles –Christian mysticism, which includes the teaching of Jesus; the Sufism and Baha’I Faith of Islamic derivation; and the Kabbala of Judaism.  Religions of the Eastern world do not have mystical branches, for the religions in their entirety are mystical and metaphysical.

          Today metaphysics covers a broad spectrum of disciplines all having to do with the ability of the mind to extend beyond the physical realm.  Many of these disciplines will be discussed later.

Why Is New Thought a Science?   Divine Science and Religious Science have the word science in their names.  Unity, does not have science in its name, it does consider its philosophy to be scientific. 

          Since New Thought is a philosophy about Absolute Reality (God), it naturally falls within the domain of metaphysics and religion.  Aristotle considers metaphysics to be a science, and those terms were defined in ancient Greece.  But since God is typically not in modern science, how can a philosophy concerning the nature of God and man’s relationship to Him be scientific? 

We go back to the beginning for the answer.  New thought began in the mid 1800s as a method of healing the mind and body.  This method evolved almost entirely from the work of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, a clockmaker who became interested in the workings of the mind.  Quimby is considered the father of New Thought by many, though New Thought’s paternity actually can be found in the distant past, as we shall see.

 Note that “Quimby entered into his studies after having suffered from tuberculosis and after being told there was no cure. He had recovered somewhat after following a friend’s suggestion that outdoor activity would help.  But it was not until Burkmar suggested to him that illness was no longer part of his experience that Quimby became entirely well.  These events indicated to him that our beliefs play a role in what we experience, and he came to believe that all that is needed for a cure is to change the beliefs we hold in mind”

Sherry Evans:  The Roads To Truth p.11-15

          H. Emilie Cady, Write in her book Lessons in Truth, page 22 that “Someone has said: “Our liberty comes from an understanding of the mind and the thoughts of God toward us.” 
Does God regard man as His servant or as His child?  Most of us have believed ourselves not only the slaves of circumstances, but also, at the best, the servants of the Most High.  Neither belief is true.  It is time for us to awake to right thoughts, to know that we are not servants, but children, “and if children, then heirs” (Roman, 8:17).  Heirs to what?  Heirs to all Wisdom, so that we need not, through any lack of wisdom, make mistakes; heirs to all love, so that we need know no fear or envy or jealousy; heirs to all strength, all life, all power and all that is good.  

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Serving New Thought is not affiliated with United or International Centers for Spiritual Living, or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all Centers for Spiritual Living regardless of their affiliation or independence.
We serve all Science of Mind & Religious Science Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.
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